As part of Startup Fest Europe, The Hague presents a special Impact day on the 26th of May.

This day we will focus on impact start-ups and scale-ups using smart and secure innovation.


08.45 - 10.00 Welcome and registration
10.00 - 16.15 Workshops, keynotes
16.15 - 16.45 Plenary closing
16.45 - 17.30 Drinks


Overview of the workshops and keynotes

For a timetable of the workshops and keynotes please click here.


Title: Outpace the cynics, reinventing the public sector
Presentation format: Keynotes
Speakers/presenters: Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau (Startup Fest Europe)
Description: Government programs, and NGOs often fail to deliver scaleable amd sustainable societal and environmental impact. Impacy ventures can potentially fill the void, raise empowerment, inclusiveness and equality while delivering concrete and lasting solutions.
Title: Using Mobile Data for Social Good
Presentation format: Keynotes
Speakers/presenters: Alexis Eggermont (Real Impact Analytics)
Description: Mobile phones have changed the way people live around the world. In addition to the way they connect us, they are also becoming a very valuable source of data that can be used for the public good, from predicting the spread of epidemics to optimizing urban mobility and mapping poverty. In our talk, we will tell you how Real Impact Analytics' Data For Good team is helping to build the applications and ecosystem necessary to make this data have a positive impact on society.
Title: Global trends in justice innovation
Presentation format: Keynotes
Speakers/presenters: Sam Muller (HiiL Innovating Justice)
Description: For most people 'justice' and 'innovation' are not compatible. In fact, innovation is badly needed. JOn the whole, justice systems are not supplying what they should: more than four billion people are estimated not to have adequate access to justice. If you are trapped in a marriage full of violence: tough. If a policeman beats you up for no apparent reason: tough. If a powerful monopolist destroys your successful start-up: tough. That’s daily life for the four billion: not a matter of how much justice you can get but how much injustice you can live with. Continuing the status quo, or undertaking an occasional pilot study with alternative methods of dispute resolution or justice reform are not going to solve this tremendous challenge. Only replicating existing procedures and models from elsewhere is likely to undermine trust in the justice system, will probably impede economic development, and will certainly not close the access to justice gap. Leaving it all up to government in not going to help either. New, innovative approaches to rule of law are needed to complement the more traditional approaches. I will set out where justice innovation is possible and, is fact happening. In this way, I hope to inspire more justice entrepreneurship.
Title: Why we chose not to be a business or charity
Presentation format: Keynotes
Speakers/presenters: Simon Willis (
Title: The Future of Good
Presentation format: Keynotes
Speakers/presenters: Indy Johar (
Description: Impact & Doing Good is changing; we are evolving from philanthropic, and social enterprise idea of doing good to one where doing good is Systems Change orientated and is commodified and financialised.

Indy Johar's talk will explore this emerging near future of doing good based on research & prototyping his practice are currently developing.
Title: Accelerating Impact: State of the Social Enterprise Sector
Presentation format: Keynotes
Speakers/presenters: Willemijn Verloop (Social Enterprise NL & Social Impact Ventures NL)
Description: Overview of the fast growing social enterprise field in the Netherlands. Presenting the National Social Enterprise Monitor 2016 (w/McKinsey), including opportunities and barriers for accelerating impact.
Title: Ranking Europe's Best Cities for Digital Startups/Scale-ups
Presentation format: Keynotes
Speakers/presenters: Siddharth Bannerjee (Nesta)
Description: The European Digital City Index (EDCi) describes how well different European cities support digital entrepreneurship. The ultimate purpose is to support digital entrepreneurs, policy makers and the research community by providing a holistic and local view across Europe, describing what ecosystem factors are most conducive to encouraging digital startups (and scale-ups).

This session will go through how we complied this Index - from determining geographic coverage (including The Hague!), to the nitty-gritty of Index-making (including constructing a theoretical framework, source selection and data gathering, weighting and aggregation) to the final visualization.

It will also address larger issues of city-based innovation and cover topics like the impact this Index has had.
Title: Announcement challenge: NEXT Economy needs NEXT Entrepreneur
Presentation format: Keynotes
Description: The challenge ‘NEXT Economy needs NEXT Entrepreneur’ is in search of entrepreneurial activities, which will use emerging new technologies and create impact by economic value, new business or new jobs. Do you know how to increase the productivity of data, energy and resources in the NEXT Economy and contribute to the digital gateway, smart energy delta and/ or circular economy? Then you are our NEXT Entrepreneur. Submit and win acccess to an interesting network and great rewards.
Title: Our Common Startup
Presentation format: Keynotes
Speakers/presenters: Heather Leson (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team)
Description: We are all \"startups.\" Whether you are bootstrapping an idea, pitching a project or an entrepreneurship, you aim to have concrete impact. Consider the huge opportunities to make a difference in our neighbourhoods and world as set forth by the Sustainable Development Goals. This is our common startup. What does implementation look like? How can you make a difference?
Title: What Design Can Do for Refugees
Presentation format: Keynotes
Speakers/presenters: Dagan Cohen (What Design Can Do)
Description: Design platform What Design Can Do (WDCD), UNHCR and IKEA Foundation are calling designers and creative trouble-shooters from all countries and disciplines, to come up with innovative ideas to improve the reception and integration of refugees.

Design platform What Design Can Do (WDCD) joined forces with UNHCR and IKEA Foundation to launch the WDCD Refugee Challenge: A global competition calling on designers and creative thinkers to come up with innovative ideas to improve the reception and integration of refugees.
The open call has just been closed and the Challenge has received over 600 ideas from 69 countries.
The five best proposals, announced on 1 July, by the Netherlands minister of foreign affairs Bert Koenders, will receive €10,000 each and enter a acceleration program to develop their ideas into scalable and viable products, services or programs.

In his presentation Challenge leader Dagan Cohen, will elaborate on why WDCD initiated this challenge, highlight some entries and share his thoughts on the road ahead.
Title: Impact Sourcing: How Giving Work Can End Global Poverty
Presentation format: Keynotes
Speakers/presenters: Leila Janah (Sama / Lamxi)
Title: Empowering communities through open source solar technology using plastic bottles
Presentation format: Keynotes
Speakers/presenters: Illac Diaz (Liter of Light)
Description: Illac’s latest venture, Liter of Light, is the world’s first grassroots green lighting program bringing low-cost, zero-carbon solar bottle bulbs to underprivileged communities worldwide. By empowering local entrepreneurs and marginalized groups like prison detainees and trash pickers, this initiative shows how simple solutions powered by human hands bring the green revolution to the bottom 99%. Since its launch in April 2011, Liter of Light has lit up over 350,000 households in the Philippines and around the world.
Title: Breaking silos: Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation
Presentation format: Keynotes
Speakers/presenters: Marleen van Amersfoort (Capgemini Consulting)
Description: In the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation NGO\'s (Red Cross NL, Unicef NL, Care NL, and others), Governmental organisations (ministry of foreign affairs, municipality of The Hague), corporates (SME\'s and multinationals) work together to help as much people in need as possible. Costs are tripled in the last years so innovation is needed if we want nobody to be left behind. None of the organisations involved in the coalition can realise this alone: breaking silo\'s and combining strength is key.
Title: Human-Centered Design; Don't Go Saving the World Without It
Presentation format: Keynotes
Speakers/presenters: Sean Hewens (IDEO)
Description: So you want to change the world. Congratulations, potential changemaker! But how are you going to do it? Please meet human-centered design, a creative approach to problem solving that starts with people and ends with meaningful solutions rooted in the real needs of the world around us. IDEO senior designer Sean Hewens will share a bit about his own journey from lawyer to social entrepreneur to human-centered designer, highlighting some of his adventures and miss steps along the way.

Impact investors matchmaking

Title: Impact Investors Matchmaking track- The Venture Forum for Impact Startups
Presentation format: Impact investors matchmaking
Speakers/presenters: Jitske van Os (Techt Tour)
Description: The Impact Startup Venture Forum is a specialized track within The Hague\'s Impact Startup Fest. Tech Tour is partnering with the City of The Hague to organize this specialized track. The Impact Startup Venture Forum aims to promote entrepreneurship, investment and partnering in the social impact space: \"security, social justice, e-government, humanitarian innovation, sustainability, and smart city solutions powered by Big Data, technology and the Internet of Things\"
This specialised track will facilitate investment in selected start-ups and SMEs from the host region as well as from across Europe, bring together, and build relationships with local, regional and international accelerators, incubators and innovation support organisations. Featuring about 20 selected start-ups and scale-ups, 20 investors and a variety of local and regional guests. The Forum predominantly focuses on start-ups, also warmly welcoming scale-ups, acceleratos and funds to network, collaborate, obtain new insights, exchange information and speak.

Furthermore, The Impact Startup Venture Forum selects the best quartile of emerging companies to present at the European Venture Summit, the flagship final event of the European Venture Contest. For more information, please refer to last year\'s edition.
Title: Why Impact Investments are important? An investors perspective
Presentation format: Impact investors matchmaking
Speakers/presenters: Katrin Ley (Pymwymic)
Description: This discussion panel with the topic: Why Impact Investments are important? An investors perspective will be moderated by Katrin Ley, she is the Managing Director of Pymwymic. The following panelists will join the discussion:
- Martin Hauge, Board Member at Creandum
- Larry van der Meulen, Startup & Scale up Evangelist at Microsoft
- Simon Willis, European Managing Director at
- Mike Velings, Partner & Founder at Aqua-Spark.
Title: Pitching Session I - Sustainability
Presentation format: Impact investors matchmaking
Speakers/presenters: 5 Startups (Sustainability)
Description: Entrepreneurs present their 6 minute pitches, followed by a 5 minute Q&A session round from the investor jury.

Martijn Lopes Cardozo, Black Bear
Frank Tielens, HeatMatrix Group
Monique Maissan, Waste2Wear
Frank Riedewald, Composite Recycling
StefanLomberg, Diselect

Expert Jury:
Martine van Veelen, Societal Solutions Fund
René Reijtenbagh, Business Angel Netwerk Nederland
Mathijs Koper, World Startup Factory
Perry van Rijsingen, 21st Century Business Growth Advisors
Anahita Eutrope, Aster Capital Partners
Nityen Lal, Icos Capital
Philips Warner, Social Impact Ventures
Robert Schrimpff, Greencoat Capital

Title: Pitching Session II - Smart Cities
Presentation format: Impact investors matchmaking
Speakers/presenters: 5 Startups (Smart Cities)
Description: Entrepreneurs present their 6 minute pitches, followed by a 5 minute Q&A session round from the investor jury.

Michael Murray, NVP Energy
Ruud Riem-Vis, Kizy Tracking
Piers Corfield, Dashboard Limited
Yassine Chahid, Springsyple
David Waimann, Elencon

Expert Jury:
Louis Jeng, Mooreland Partners
Hans Rijckenberg, Sapience ’00
Stepan Alexa, Symfonie Capital
Jean-Luc Cyrot, TIME Equity Partners
Robert Weaver, Syllion Ventures
Martin Hauge, Creandum AB
Arjan Brienen, LD&A Jupiter Netherlands
Title: Reverse Pitching A
Presentation format: Impact investors matchmaking
Speakers/presenters: 5 Investors/incubators (Impact Investements)
Description: 5 minute pitches by yhe following investors/incubators:

Saja Chander, Societal Solutions Fund
Walter aan de Wiel, Impact Booster
Anahita Eutrope, Aster Capital Partners
Paul Renauld, Le Comptoir de l\'Innovation
Katrin Ley, Pymwymic
Title: Reverse Pitching B
Presentation format: Impact investors matchmaking
Speakers/presenters: 5 Investors/incubators (Impact Investements)
Description: 5 minute pitches by yhe following investors/incubators:

Philips Warner, Social Impact Ventures
Joris den Bruinen, The Hague Security Delta
Robert Schrimpff, Greencoat Capital
Stepan Alexa, Symfonie Capital
Title: Pitching Session III - Social Justice & Humanitarian Innovation
Presentation format: Impact investors matchmaking
Speakers/presenters: 5 Startups (Social Justice & Humanitarian Innovation)
Description: Entrepreneurs present their 6 minute pitches, followed by a 5 minute Q&A session round from the investor jury.

Maurits Barendrecht, HiiL Innovating Justice
Mark van Embden, Mosavali
Lennart Budelmann, aQysta
Alice Deboli, LastMinuteSottoCasa
Julien Hering, Tree of Science

Expert Jury:
Siegfried Verstappen, Invest Hong Kong
Marttila Pauli, Sitra
Peter Rost, Rost Beteiligungs GmbH
Heather Leson, Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI)
Femke Markus, Spring Associates
Matthijs Blokhuis, Noaber Foundation
Jan-Bart Smits, Stanton Chase International
Johan Gjesdahl, Alliance Venture
Title: Pitching Session IV - Security & e-Government
Presentation format: Impact investors matchmaking
Speakers/presenters: 5 Startups (Security & e-Government)
Description: Entrepreneurs present their 6 minute pitches, followed by a 5 minute Q&A session round from the investor jury.

Christian Pereira, ReSecure
Rob Leslie, Sedicii
Arjen de Landgraaf, RI-Business Risk Intelligence
Jason du Preez, Privitar
Ricardo Costa, Loqr

Expert Jury:
Dirk Creado, Prepco NV
Edward Schiettecatte, Minos Capital
Joris den Bruinen, The Hague Security Delta
Noha Fathi, The-Marketer
Philippe Schuit, Duke Forest Capital
Larry van der Meulen, Microsoft
Berrak Kutsoy, Pegasus Airline
Title: Award Ceremony
Presentation format: Impact investors matchmaking
Speakers/presenters: William Stevens (Tech Tour)
Description: The top 25% will be selected and awarded at this ceremony. The awarded companies be qualified to present their company on December 5th and 6th 2016 in Düsseldorf at the European Venture Summit (EVS). EVS is Europe\'s foremost networking and investment event for high growth technology start-ups, venture capital investors and technology corporations.

Impact Startups On Stage

Title: Pitch Black Shore
Presentation format: Impact Startups On Stage
Speakers/presenters: Hans van 't Woud (BlackShore )
Description: Serious game - crisis mapping - crowdsourcing in crisis situaties
Title: Pitch Karbe
Presentation format: Impact Startups On Stage
Speakers/presenters: Adriana Carmona Beltran (Karbe)
Aaron Koivunen (Karbe)
Description: Karbe is a CleanTech startup that believes in a less contaminated world. Our solution will have an immediate environmental impact by solving problems of fuel consumption. According to the Worlds Health Organization, outdoor air pollution is estimated to cause 1.3 million deaths worldwide per year, more than HIV, malaria and influenza combined.
We have developed a purely mechanical fuel optimization system, consisting in 4 mechanical components, that makes driving your vehicle not only cheaper but also more efficient and friendlier to the environment. Our system enables to extract more energy from fossil fuels than currently possible giving more power to the engine and therefore resulting in a 10%-15% fuel savings and decrease of greenhouse gases emissions. Our technology can be install in any internal combustion engines, wheather diesel or gasoline and is an add-on component easy to install, that does not impede any functionality of your engine.
Since we are startup company we are targeting transportation and logistics companies with fleets of more than 20 vehicles. However, our goal is to offer our technology to every vehicle owner across the globe. We aim to reduce air pollution and have a huge environmental impact. Join us and reach out at
Title: Pitch Goodmapp
Presentation format: Impact Startups On Stage
Speakers/presenters: Laura Spanjer (Goodmapp)
Description: A crowdsourced map app of fair, sustainable products.
Title: Pitch Aqua Battery
Presentation format: Impact Startups On Stage
Speakers/presenters: Emil Goosen (AquaBattery)
Description: The Blue Battery, developed by AquaBattery, is a battery that runs only on water and table salt. Unlike conventional batteries we do not rely on toxic or acidic materials for storage; even better, we do not make use of any chemical reaction! Thanks to research for more than a decade by our team, we can now store electricity in an environmentally friendly, safe and scalable manner. By simply adding more water you increase storage capacity, by adding more membranes you increase power output.
We target as a beachhead market remote islands with >20% renewables, improving grid efficiency and stability, thereby increasing profits for electric utilities.
Presently we are about to launch our demonstration project, to show that the technology works and obtain insight within the functioning of an electricity grid. Together with a group of partners, among others several component suppliers, we want to start the engineering within three months. Our team is ready for it, also as few team members already have experience in setting up pilots (for example Blue Energy at the Afsluitdijk), but in order to speed up the process, we are looking for € 25.000 from a strategic partner, so we can start the engineering from tomorrow onward!
Title: Pitch Seepje
Presentation format: Impact Startups On Stage
Speakers/presenters: Jasper Gabriëlse (Seepje)
Description: Seepje is the 100% natural and fairtrade laundry detergent from Nepal. Together, we want to clean the world into a better place! In this presentation Seepje will tell you it\'s story and more about the vision behind this social enterprise.
Title: Pitch Floww
Presentation format: Impact Startups On Stage
Speakers/presenters: Marc Schechtl (Floww Health Technology)
Description: Straling neutralisering
Title: Pitch Urban Mining
Presentation format: Impact Startups On Stage
Description: Hij zit ook in Social Club workshop dus moet daarna
Title: Pitch Slowmill
Presentation format: Impact Startups On Stage
Speakers/presenters: Erwin Croughs (Slow Mill Sustainable Projects B.V.)
Description: The Slow Mill is a new wave energy generator, made of strong durable composite materials, that also works well in the moderate wave climate of the North Sea. It\'s extremely light compared to its competitors and easily generates power, starting at 0,5m waves. Low weight allows for economical construction, installation and maintenance as well as high power yields. The unique blade system extracts additional wave energy from under the surface and follows the orbital wave motions, ensuring continuous contact with the anchor to avoid heavy stresses. The Slow Mill generates quite a lot of energy from the waves and thus a calm spot forms in its wake. This way a wave farm can protect a windfarm from heavy wave impact and extend the lifetime of wind turbines. The wave farm uses the same electrical socket as the windfarm, increasing utilisation rates, buffering fluctuations and lowering infra cost. This synergy can cause a disruptive impact on the price of large scale sustainable energy at sea of up to 20% in a multi billion euro market. At this moment tests are conducted 2 km out of Scheveningen harbour with a scale model of 1:4. The intention is to start building a full scale model this year for survivability and performance testing out of Scheveningen. We\'re looking for partners with a platform, substation, dredging barge or electric boat that want affordable clean energy at sea as well as partners that could support this innovative technology in other ways.
Title: Pitch LessonUp
Presentation format: Impact Startups On Stage
Speakers/presenters: Kars Veling (LessonUp)
Description: Millions of teachers create large amounts of lessons and content and teach everyday worldwide; with LessonUp all that content is automatically shared and reused to allow every child and teacher in the world to automatically have access to the best lessons and content.
Title: Pitch Startups in Residence
Presentation format: Impact Startups On Stage
Title: Pitch Missing Maps by the Red Cross
Presentation format: Impact Startups On Stage
Title: Presentation challenge Missing maps
Presentation format: Impact Startups On Stage
Title: Pitches students Campus Party for jury
Presentation format: Impact Startups On Stage
Title: Pitch Part-up
Presentation format: Impact Startups On Stage
Title: Pitch Beep Beep Parking
Presentation format: Impact Startups On Stage
Speakers/presenters: Scott Moran (BeepBeep Parking)
Description: BeepBeep is an on demand valet parking service that you access via an app on your phone. Roughly 30% of intercity traffic is a result of people “cruising” in search of the ideal parking spot. We offer an alternative mobility solution, much like Uber, for parking your vehicle. Our disruptive service saves people time, stress, and reduces traffic congestion in major cities.
Title: Pitch Het Nieuwe Kiezen
Presentation format: Impact Startups On Stage
Speakers/presenters: Rudy van Belkom (Het Nieuwe Kiezen )
Description: Diruptiveness is hot. We all know the examples: Uber, Airbnb, Peerby etc. It is safe to say that the new economy is not only about rates and returns, but more and more about connections. But if everything is being disrupted, why not challenge the political system? We looked at lessons that the government could learn from innovations and came up with a new electoral system.


Title: Best practices in Buy Social
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Bart Krull (Social Enterprise NL)
Jasper Gabrielse (Seepje)
Description: Social start-ups want to make maximum impact and therefore need customers to grow. Social Enterprise NL collects best practices from companies that buy social and Bart will share tips and insights from these cases. Jasper (co-founder at social enterprise Seepje) wil reflect on their strategies to find customers.
Title: Can you take justice online? Trends and opportunities
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Wilfried de Wever (HiiL Innovating Justice)
Jin ho Verdonschot (HiiL Innovating Justice)
Description: Justice is still mostly stuck in 19th century institutions and processes. It simply did not evolve with the rest of us. This is starting to undermine our societies but it also represents a huge opportunity. Courageous innovators are now taking justice online. The transformation of justice is underway and first movers can still make a huge impact and a decent buck. Are you interested? Join this conversation.
Title: Starting your business with ambition!
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Bert Wams (Kamer van Koophandel)
Description: This presentation is about:
1. setting up your business in five steps
2. ideas for growing your business
3. options for funding your startup
4. strategic networking

Title: Introduction into Dragon Dreaming
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Annette Dolle (Dragon Dreaming)
Description: Dragon Dreaming offers methods for the realisation of creative, collaborative and sustainable projects and organisations.
Title: Introducing TINO - a methodology to unlock 'unrecognized knowledge'
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Maya Lievegoed (HUMINT Solutions Europe)
Description: The international consultancy HUMINT Solutions developed TINO: a non-technological innovation methodology to unlock the domain of 'unrecognized knowledge'. This type of human-based information already exists, has the highest reliability, will be shared free of charge and therefore offers the perfect reservoir to boost innovation. However, because people won't 'push' the knowledge they don't know they have, unrecognized knowledge needs to be 'pulled'. This is what TINO does. The method is already being applied to solve challenges in a variety of segments, including retail, finance and technology. Clients come from the business sector but also from the public domain, and use the method for problem-solving, start-up building and in order to innovate strategies and policies. Maya Lievegoed started working with TINO in 2013 and made a rockstart: she participated in worldwide projects, suggested to bring TINO to the Netherlands, presented TINO at TEDxUtrecht, was the first female key speaker at NRCLive and became Head of HUMINT Solutions Europe in 2015. Maya: "Start-ups, just like multinationals, are in a constant need for reliable information. But the expression 'Time is Money' couldn't be more true than for startups, because their ability to quickly find the needed innovative and reliable information to solve problems and make decisions, creates the difference between start-up and scale-up". In her presentation Maya will explain the potential of unrecognized knowledge, some core elements of the methodology and will challenge the audience to identify this knowledge domain by themselves through a quiz.
Title: Scaling Together: overcoming barriers in corporate-startup collaborations
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Siddharth Bannerjee (Nesta)
Description: Corporate-startup collaboration is rapidly increasing, with more large firms seeing this as a mechanism for accessing innovation and/or promoting internal cultural change.
Such collaboration can bring numerous benefits to both partners, but there remain significant hurdles which can make these relationships difficult to initiate, manage and bring to fruition.
Based on interviews with multiple stakeholders and extensive research, this taster session is designed to:
1) Provide a framework to help understand the common barriers to successful collaboration
2) Develop a dynamic skills assessment-based approach to providing a series of practical tips for corporates, startups, scale-ups and policymakers, on how to overcome these barriers.
Title: How to become a successful social entrepreneur
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Rosan Gompers (Social Club The Hague)
Marco Kortland (Urban Mining)
Description: Social Entrepreneurship is the new normal. Social Club The Hague stimulates entrepreneurs and start-ups to get social. Next to a social focus, an entrepreneurial mindset , the right skills and the right network are key. In this workshop we share 7 keys to become and stay a successful social entrepreneur. Two flourishing social businesses and their founders will share their experiences with you.
Title: Crossing borders: intercultural communication with business partners.
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: JelYvon Kadijk (Crosswise Works)
Description: In this workshop you will experience what you do in a cultural different context. You gain insights on your own frame of reference, and how this determines the way you look, act and communicate (reflection).
This will help you to communicate more effectively with your business partners across borders. No theory but learning by doing!
Title: Circular economy: opportunities and challenges for impact startups
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Sabrina Lindeman (Mobiel office Op Trek/ Superuse Studios)
Description: Binckhorst is an industrial area in The Hague. In recent days, the area has been dominated by the graphic, construction, and automotive industries, but in the original master plan of the government for this area there was little room for these industries.
They did not fit with the intended identity of a high-quality urban living-working area; so the starting point for development was a clean slate. As a result companies have been dislocated, resulting in high vacancy of both small industrial buildings and large offices of, for example, KPN.
Due to the vast amount of inexpensive spaces, in recent years many artists and creative people have moved into the area. Slowly there grows a new mix of old and new users who mutually inspire each other. This creates new and surprising opportunities for business and development of the area.

In early 2014 Superuse Studios made in commission of Mobile office OpTrek a quick scan of the area, to identify where (material)flows are lost or where flows are underused. Simultaneously, stakeholders who might benefit from these waste streams were interviewed. As a start, this has led to an interesting collaboration between a baker and beerbrewer. The spent grain from the brewing process can be used as raw material for making bread. Sinds 2014 Superuse Studios and Mobile office OpTrek are busy to set up a start-up which is based on new forms of collaboration and a new business model. The workshop wil focus on several bottlenecks, opportunities and challenges for these kind of impact start-ups.
Title: Tekdelta: Matching Startups with Technology
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Bas Kotterink (TNO)
Tom Bakker (TEKDELTA / TNO)
Description: This Impact Day session will feature presentations and demos of some exciting new technologies available through, a new initiative aimed at boosting Startups and Scale-ups with home grown, Dutch R&D.

TekDelta is a joint initiative of 20+ Dutch R&D organisations and the startup community. Participants include TNO, ECN, Philips, KPN, NXP, YES!Delft, Rockstart, TU Delft, TU/e, Kennispark Twente, HealthValley, StartupAmsterdam, and Labforrent. Its primary aim is to facilitate access to high-end research labs, world-class experts and state of the art technology.
The focus of TekDelta in the initial phase is on applications of Big Data and the Internet of Things in the areas of Health, Industry, Energy, Smart Cities, Mobility and Logistics. In this session we will explain the way TekDelta works for startups, accelerators and incubators and how you can become a part. Next we will share and discuss some exciting technology developments for startups in the field of Tracking and Tracing with potential applications in Security, Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief. Finally one of our first startups will demo a live application of a location aware, transient app using the TNO Transient App Framework.
Title: Lean Start-up voor social enterprises
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Walter aan de Wiel (iMPACT Booster)
Description: "No business plan survives its first customer contact" is a famous quote of Eric Ries author of the Lean Start-up. But how to translate this great and successful methodology developed in the IT start-up sector to social enterprises. In the workshop we will zoom in on how these principles of creating a minimum viable product and designing experiments can help you as a social entrepreneur. It will challenge you to get our of the building a soon as possible. And based on the lean start-up canvas you will start creating you action plan.
Title: What is a B Corp and why become one
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Roelant Rollingswier (Dutch Group B.V.)
Description: Certified B Corporations redefine success in business. B Corps meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, and aspire to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems. Together B Corps lead a growing global movement of people using business as a force for good. Through the power of their collective voice, one day all companies will compete to be best for the world, and society will enjoy a more shared and durable prosperity for all. Why become a B Corp? Lead a movement, differentiate from pretenders, measure what matters, generate press, attract and engage talent and make a positive impact on society. Join us!
Title: How to do Marketing voor startups
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Nevlynn Janssen (Onegini)
Description: You have a great product or service but now the world needs to know. Join me as I will give you practical tips on how to do just that, and as a consequence start making money.
Title: How startups can empower global youth
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Sander Hees (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Theodore Klouvas (Ministry of Foreign Affairs / OrangeCorners)
Bart Lacroix (1%Club)
Description: What? The main focus of this workshop is on accelerating Impact in Sub-Saharan Africa through enhancing Youth Entrepreneurship, by showing opportunities for Impact-StartUps.
How? By introducing the Min.Foreign Affairs-trajectory on youth, sharing on the ground lessons by the founder of 1%-Club, and last but not least: collecting valuable input from the audience for creative follow-up steps...
Title: Inspiration session
Presentation format: Workshops
Description: Wonder where inspiration for new business comes from? Walking around with an idea? Seeing opportunities all around you and problems to solve? Come and meet the Metropolitan Start-up Lab. We will give a presentation, a small pitch workshops and of course it’s the opportunity to get acquainted with Metropolitan Start-up Lab, sign up for coaching and hear more about the challenge NEXT Economy needs NEXT Entrepreneur, with prices up to €5.000 and lunches with CFO Jan Kees de Jager (KPN), director Jannewietske de Vries (Floriade 2022), executive director Leendert Bikker (World Expo 2025) and director Laurens Groen (Milgro).

Startups have an important role in creating innovation, employment and a strong economy in this region. To help startups grow the Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan Area (MRDH) and tech incubator Yes!Delft have introduced the Metropolitan Start-up Lab. During this inspiration session you are shown why entrepreneurs started their business, which options you have to grow your idea into business within this region, how some start-ups benefitted from an incubator and we will give same hands- on pitch experience!
Title: Investment readiness - Rabobank / InnovationQuarter
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Marty Le Clercq (Innovation Quarter)
Elly Hemmelder (Rabobank Regio Den Haag)
Title: Experiment design and lean startup: How to do it right
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Willem Schellekens (ING Innovation Studio)
Adam Ayers (ING Innovation Studio)
Title: Creating startups beyond 'sharing' based on blockchain.
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Amanda Jansen (OuiShare)
Description: Sharing is getting to it\'s next phase. Instead of sharing platforms with owners like Uber or AirBNB forming the new middle men, it\'s now time to go really p2p sharing with blockchain technology. Arcade City might be the first disruption of the disruption where people share cars without an \'Uber\'. New challenges are the \'trustess economy\' of blockchain and forming a new trust system on top of it.

Also the need for \'care\' and real \'reconnection\' to ourselves and eachother form a big topic and lead to new technologies around sharing in complex ecosystems of low tech communities or start-ups.

How will sharing evolve? Get the latest news of OuiShare Fest and try it yourself.
Title: Starting up Access to Talent
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Nicole van Haelst (Lift)
Description: We invite you to test and improve the prototype of a brand new solution. The app enables you to bring your (un)conscious potential to the front and connect with people, opportunities and employers to grow your talent and/or start up business!

Startup Access to Talent aims to disrupt the world of matching. The new world of work asks for alternative ways to translate your potential in opportunities previously unknown. Check our recommendations based on your passion, purpose and potential. We’re building a platform for talent and (start up) business to use. Not yet another job board or hip online resume, but a whole new way to explore the next step in your life-career, It’s easy and fun!

Be amongst the first users of this brand new tool! We’re looking for people to help us validate our prototype. No need for specific knowledge, experience or preparation. Just come, spend some time with us and experience how this app can help you and your business grow.
Title: Ideation session NEXT Economy needs NEXT Entrepreneur
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Lija Groenewoud van Vliet (Metropolitan Startup Lab - YES!Delft)
Description: The challenge ‘NEXT Economy needs NEXT Entrepreneur’ is in search of entrepreneurial activities, which will use emerging new technologies and create impact by economic value, new business or new jobs. This Ideation is a dynamic workshops, in which you identify ideas and solutions for the NEXT Economy to increase the productivity of data, energy and resources and contribute to the digital gateway, smart energy delta and circular economy. A case example will be given and you will be triggered to create in structured rounds product/ solution fits. Additionally, you are able to network and co-create. You can develop an new idea or you can find a co-founder to accelerate your existing idea towards a start-up. Join to feel the true entrepreneurial vibe of inspiration and realizing ideas!
Title: Impact first! How social enterprises protect their societal mission
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Stefan Panhuijsen (Social Enterprise NL)
Maarten van der Klaauw (Triodos Bank)
Description: Social enterprises are founded to solve societal challenges: impact first. But how can you integrate this principle in your enterprise and legally protect the societal mission? The Netherlands is one of the few countries in the European Union where social enterprises have no legal status. Social Enterprise NL has developed a vision for a new legal structure and will explain the key principles of this status. Triodos Bank, being a social enterprise, has a unique position in the European banking landscape. They will explain how their societal mission is central to their operation and what dilemmas they face.
Title: Why should I care about your pitch?
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Jonathan Talbott (TIP Presentation Agency)
Description: When you give a great pitch, several things happen.
First, you engage the audience. Because of that, they listen to your content. Because of that, they begin to talk with you. Because of that, you get a second meeting. Because of that, they do due diligence. Until finally, you get the investment you need.
Of course, there are as many ways to get this wrong as there are to get it right. In this workshop we’ll focus on the ways to get it right. We’ll translate research from psychology, journalism, rhetoric, marketing and performance into skills startup founders need in order to attract and maintain attention.

Jonathan Talbott (TIP) has assisted in the creation of thousands of pitches: from investment and fundraising pitches that bring in millions and competition-winning pitches that create new networks, to simple, memorable, one-line pitches designed to attract interest. Clients include the YouTube sensation Guard from Above (eagles that neutralize drone threats), and the Dutch humanitarian organization Cordaid, as well as startups associated with incubators/accelerators in Athens, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Copenhagen, Geneva, Maastricht and Munich.
Title: Make impact together! collaborate as co-innovators - how?
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Ilan Siebert (Part-up)
Description: Innovators are facing many challenges and they learn a lot. Sharing this learnings, coming up with new projects to take next steps is essential. Let\'s do that together! We launch a part up tribe for our \'Hague Innovators\' to have innovators collaborating in the Hague .
Title: Making health markets work for the poor through technology
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Alexander Kohnstamm (The Joep Lange Institute)
Cees Hesp (PharmAccess Foundation)
Description: PharmAccess is a Dutch NGO that aims to connect low-income Africans to better healthcare. One innovation they present during this session is their M-Tiba mobile health wallet that leverages existing mobile payment systems to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency of healthcare finance and delivery. The other is the Medical Credit Fund which focuses on loans and technical assistance to clinics and hospitals. It has received several awards for its innovative public-private financing model combining grants and investments. The Fund is linking with the mobile payment platform to provide cash advances to small clinics in slum areas.
This session is presented by the Joep Lange Institute. The JLI promotes innovation in Global Health by combining research, practice and activism – with a focus on applying technology in \'the last mile\' of healthcare delivery.
Title: Always change your winning team
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Mathijs Koper (World Startup Factory)
Sebastian Hamers (Human Insight)
Description: Individuals don’t build great companies, teams do! Together with World Startup Factory and Human Insight we have researched and experienced that team diversity is key within startup teams and is a real performance driver. Startups have a lot of bootstrapping to do in the first couple of years, and have a lot to gain when the talents of team members are aligned to fit the challenges of the startup growth phase. So, in this session we take you on a grand tour on how startup teams can perform better by putting the right people in the right seats, matching the right talent with the growth challenges you face on a day to day basis.
This session, powered by Human Insight and World Startup Factory, focusses completely on the qualities of your team that you need to onboard to be successful in your company’s next stage of growth, and to give you the insights about your team to be able to pitch in front of investors. This will always come in handy when an investor asks: so why should I invest in this team?
At the end of this session you will have a clear insight in how to compose your team for successful scaling!
Presented by:
World Startup Factory (WSF) offers acceleration programs to startups with impact driven solutions and convincing business models.
Human Insight helps fast growing organisations to align their talent optimally to fit the strategic and operational challenges.
Title: How we created, grew and failed our tech social startup
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Kars Veling (Q42)
Description: At Q42 we have a way of pushing and starting your own idea's and missions into an autonomous startup and bring it to the next level. With a dedicated team we worked for a year in our African startup together with a VC and an African team.
In this talk we'll show what we created, tried and learned. We share the good, the bad and the ugly and tell our story and specifics we've learned of working in Africa in this social tech field. We'll share what we've learned and what we did wrong.
And, of course, in this workshop we want to talk together on how to try it again and what we should do to start the next iteration of it.
Title: Fuck Up Fest (FUF)
Presentation format: Workshops
Speakers/presenters: Sjoerd Louwaars (Centre for Innovation / Campus Den Haag)
Description: FuckUp Fest is brought to you by a global movement born in Mexico in 2012, meant to publicly share professional failure stories. Hundreds of people attend each event to hear a few professionals share their failures. Usually, people on a stage share how they manage, steer, and build their success. But our speakers have the courage to stand up and say: “I totally messed up, and this is what you and I can learn from it”. We believe failing is a crucial part of development, and that being open about it creates a space to learn.

On StartUp Fest Day, the closing event in plenary will introduce you to three speakers:
· Kars Veling from Q42
· Sean Hewens from IDEO
· Illac Diaz from Liter of Light

This event is meant to be interactive and informal, it’s about sharing experiences! After each short speech, the audience will be invited to ask questions to our speakers.

Grab a drink, and join us there!

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